Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
We welcome the submission of classified advertisements to our website. Classified advertisements submitted to our website must follow guidlines listed below.If you voilate any of these terms & conditions,your all ads will be deleted & your IP would be blocked.


Universal Terms and Conditions :-

1. All kind activities of spamming will cause that advertisement spammer posts will be deleted automatically and their IP would be blocked

2. Classified advertisement maximum period is 12 months, minimum 1 month.

3. Classified ads users are fully responsible of their own posts they made, and have to own all rights of photos they are using for advertisements.

4. Posts should be composed in such a manner that respects persons of all races, religions, cultures, and sexualities.

5. No post of ads that may contain unlawful, threatening, abusive, libellous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, or indecent information of any kind.

6. No post of ads that may contain personal attacks.

7. No post of website links.

8. No post of ads that may contain drugs, narcotics, steroids or controlled substances.

9. Ads for any weapons like knives, swords, firearms or other weapons are not allowed.

10. No post of ads for items that encourage or facilitate criminal acts or civil wrongs .

11. No advertiesment for items that encourage or facilitate the infringement of any intellectual property right

12. No pornographic picturs or website links may be inserted in to any post of ads.

13. Spectral Activities would keep all rights to censor website links from the ads that website user posts.

14. Spectral Activities would also retain all rights to edit, accept and reject ads that website user posts.

15. There is no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship between Spectral Activities and any User of the Service.

16. Spectral Activities do not take any liability and responsibility of advertisements contents, photos and website links.

17. All information of whatsoever nature received from the user is in good faith and is bonafide. The information is believed to be true/correct and complies with the laws of the land.

18. No Ads for escort /massage service would be accepted.

19. No Duplicate Ads.

20. Please read our privacy policy carefully before posting Advertiesment.


Free advertisements :-

Our website allows you to make free classified advertisement submissions with following Terms & Conditions.

1. Listing(s) Posted Under Free Ad Plan will be live untill 100 Days after Posting.

2. With Free Ad Plan,You Can add Maximum 800 Words in its Description .

3. You can post maximum 1 Image with Free Ad Plan .

4. You can edit your your free ad anytime by logging in to your members area.

5. You must verify your ad by email before it will be live on our website.

6. You can purchase addons like Highlighting,Higher Priority etc. during submission or editing.

7. Your listing could be reviewed after editing .

8. Addon fee is not refundable in any case.



Paid advertisements :-

In addition to free submissions, we provide a paid submission (Premium Ads) service that gives the benefits as per plans.

1. Paid Advertiesments will be live as per described in Plans choosen by you.

2. You need to verify your Paid Advertiesment before it will be live on Spectral Activities.

3. You can Pay Via Check,Paypal or Offline Cash Deposit in Bank .

4. Premium Ad fee is not refundable in any case.

5. You can edit your ad anytime after it will be live on our website.

6. Your listing could be reviewed after editing .

7. Please See Premium Ad Plans for More Details .



Consequences of Breach of Listing Policy :-

Users who violate the prohibited items policy and or the restricted items policy may be subject to the following actions

1. Suspension or termination of membership.
2. Permanent blocking of access to the site.
3. Reporting to Law Enforcement or Appropriate Authorities.


You acknowledge that:

(a) We do not confirm the identity of advertisers or buyers, check the credit worthiness or bona fides of advertisers or buyers, or otherwise vet advertisers or buyers;

(b) We do not check, audit or monitor the information contained in classified advertisements;

(c) We are not party to the sale or purchase of goods or services advertised on the website;

(d) We are not involved in any transaction between advertisers and buyers in any way; and

(e) We are not the agents for any advertisers or buyers;


and accordingly we will not be liable to any person, whether acting as advertiser or buyer or otherwise, in relation to the offer for sale or sale or purchase of any goods or services advertised on our website; furthermore we are not responsible for the enforcement of any contractual obligations arising out of a contract for the sale or purchase of any goods or services and we will have no obligation to mediate between parties to any such contract.


Please help us to keep the Spectral Activities an enjoyable experience for all Users. If you observe material or behaviour that may violate one of the Terms & Conditions given on this page, please contact Spectral Activities at [email protected] .
Please Note : Rules and Terms of the usage of the website may be modified by Spectral Activities from time to time without assigning anyone any reasons thereof. Special note of caution for those who wish to make a purchase decision basis the ads given here.

"Spectral Activities is only a platform for making the buyers and sellers meet. Spectral Activities is no where responsible for any sort of commercial deals, negotiations, or warranty provided by sellers. Please make an informed decision basis your own judgement."
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