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Portugal can be your gateway to Europe.

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The United States and Portugal have a long history and strong relationship. In fact, Portugal is the oldest consulate in the United States, located in Ponta Delgada (Ponta Delgada). Cool, we know.

The World Bank ranks Portugal as the world ’s largest country in cross-border trade because the country ’s economy is heavily dependent on imports and exports

The two countries have high mutual investments, and international business is the glue that unites them.

The United States is Portugal ’s largest trading partner outside the European Union, but statistics on this number may be deceptive. Many EU countries that trade with the United States will sell these products to Portugal and sell them. These transactions are also reversed because Portugal ’s affiliation with the European Union allows US companies to sell goods to neighboring countries.

The World Bank ranks Portugal as the world's largest country in cross-border trade because the country's economy is heavily dependent on imports and exports. Thankfully, its coastal geography makes it ideal for transatlantic operations.

The Portuguese economy is still rebounding from the 2011 financial crisis, and the government continues to promote foreign investment through the United States and other countries.

With the stability of the Portuguese government and the reduction of corruption, international companies can expect to obtain a generous return on investment.

Portugal Introduction

Portugal is a small country with a small population. There are about ten million people living there, much lower than most European countries.

This is why Lisbon ’s population of 2.7 million is so amazing. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, the economic center, and the richest region in the country. Talk about the vast market.

Lisbon is often listed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, mainly due to its ancient architecture, coastal geography and iconic cobblestone streets. This has also made Lisbon a hub for tourists, contributing to the economy and promoting the development of local businesses.

The city is also home to the country ’s largest port. Lisbon Port is one of the largest container ports along the Atlantic coast in Europe, making the city a center of trans-Atlantic trade.

International companies will surely realize the potential and attractiveness of Lisbon.

Portugal does have other cities, but unfortunately, many cities are shrouded in Lisbon ’s popularity.

Porto is the second largest city in the county and the only Portuguese city other than the capital that is recognized as a "global city". Lisbon is home to the financial center and corporate headquarters, while the heart of the Portuguese economy is defeated in Porto.

The city is the economic center of the heavy industry zone in the northwest of the country. Porto conducts domestic trade in manufacturing nationwide, but it also makes an important contribution to international trade.

In fact, the Porto municipal government is seeking to increase its competitiveness globally. The city is promoting an initiative to support companies that want to achieve sustainable growth in the global economy.

The Porto government hopes to establish a network of business leaders at home and abroad to increase the economic scale of the region and promote local business development. So please keep your eyes open.

Like all other EU countries, the official currency of Portugal is the euro.

Obviously, the official language used in Portugal is Portuguese. But what you may not know is that there is a second official language in the book: Milan German. Miradnese has only spoken in two small cities in northeastern Portugal, with fewer than 5,000 people who speak fluent languages. Therefore, you may not need to know this, but it is interesting.

Business culture
The geography of Portugal may be misleading. Although bordering Spain, only in southwestern France, Portuguese businessmen are culturally distinct. International companies should not regard Portugal as the west of Spain. But there are some similarities. You may be beaten for this.

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